5 Pillars of Resilience

Resilience is made up of five pillars. By strengthening these pillars, we in turn, become more resilient. 
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Positive Relationships


7 C’s of Resilience

You too can master the 7 C’s of Resilience








“What I learned from the program is that you have to be healthy, not just physically but mentally as well. You have to take care of yourself and to make sure that you are mentally happy. What was meaningful to me was that we were able to open up and express ourselves to people that we don’t know, but also feel safe and know that they are here to help us.”

Nizhia Harrison
Burke County teen who attended every session of the pilot project

next program February 2021, now Accepting applications

“They taught me to just go for something and not be afraid.”

next program February 2021, now Accepting applications

“I know why I feel the way I do now, what causes the feelings that I have. The program has helped me look “inside myself.”

next program February 2021, now Accepting applications

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